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With a few minutes left, local time before Heroine Appreciation Day comes to a close; I am inspired to type out an entry to share who I appreciate.

So many of my fellow users have referenced fictional heroines to show their gratitude. I am going to be somewhat radical and spread the terror by calling up a real heroine who inspires me like no other person whose existence is provable.

You may have heard of her on occasion. She is more original in her time than any character I have ever seen in a film, television film serial or book whether illustrated or not.

Her altruism, distinguished incorruptible voice, respectable words and honorable intent has made her an unmatched figure of inspiration.

Not just for me but for many who may or not share all my views.

Her name was Nellie McClung.

Very rarely does a writer who does not write fiction exclusively have anything significant to say. This person had an abundance. She knew her morals, took her bracing stance when the world impinged on them and gritted her teeth.

The people of her time were generally a lot more virtuous than ourselves. She was even more so. She demanded fairness in all things. It might be easy to just say "life is not fair and that's the way it is" but my favourite heroine did not accept that philosophy. She knew people could be better and more just than they were.

In my current day, laws are much more just and people are quite a bit less so. I wonder sometimes if there is a relationship with that. Perhaps the pressure to obey morally based laws makes many more people want to be bad. Purely speculation on my part based on the idea that there may be a bit of a rebel in all of us that the world either kills or spares.

 Sometimes the rebellious thing to do in a time of more unjust laws is to resist them as well. Many of us could well identify with her attitude. I know her erudite way of words calls to me as well. 

Who does she inspire me to resist? My peers. Those who see me as equal, no better or lesser than them. Their acceptance of widespread immorality riles me. If I spilled everything I do online, they might accept it as a part of who I am. I do not want to known among them for my every deed. Just the best ones. Every peer-borne pressure to be bad, to cloak the intellect I was given and play the amoral happy-go-lucky dullard. Whatever it takes, I will grit my teeth and resist to the end. Even speaking on it when friends, family even shush me to be silent. I look to my heroine when situations are trying.

I want people to get right and embrace propriety again but I know that legislation will never get it done. Our younger generations need to be raised on a regimen of morality in a careful way so it is not forced on them but encourages them to choose rightly. Every psychological factor of being a good person needs to be available to those we instruct.

Whenever I feel discouraged, [knowing full well it is too late for me] I simply look to Nellie McClung, read her works and read our current day moral dilemmas into her inputs. She was wise, worldly and knew to expect more goodness than she saw.

It ought to come as no surprise that Nellie McClung inspires me like no other who stroked ink onto a page.

 When it comes to heroic abilities, she may have left behind the greatest power of all.



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