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  • Listening to: My own humming
  • Reading: 1940s Wonder Woman comics
  • Watching: Too many deviants
  • Playing: The banjo
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  • Drinking: it in
The first thing I'd love to talk about is pimples. I adore seeing just a few real pimples on a woman's face. To a lesser extent I love to see all other natural (not fake) blemishes on a woman's face. They complete the ideal I'm really looking for. I can't be the only guy that prefers this. If any of my male watchers like blemishes on women's faces, please sound off in the comments by telling me which kinds are your favourites. The one thing I don't like is rashes (acne and otherwise) or blemishes all over the place. I like a few. Less is more [attractive]. A few pimps really adds a lot to her sex appeal. A dash of freckles add just a little bit of cutesy pie. If they're natural, please don't hide them. It's cute. Fake ones are always garish bordering on nightmarish.

 Another thing I love is a sunburn. I know it can be painful to burn but I think it makes a woman's face so cute. I'm in heaven when I see a reddened female face. I have always had such strong sympathy for women. I don't actually like to see them hurt. I guess the ideal would be a sun-kissed pink burn so I don't have to wince when I see their pain. As far as pure cuteness factor goes, the redder the better. I just hope it doesn't make me sad. My sorrow for others is a powerful emotion for me. Thumbs up for sunburns!

 There is nothing on a woman's hands that says sexy and healthy more than clean, rounded, short, genuine fingernails.

 I see women everywhere decked out in talons (the kind a villain in film ought to wear) and I am repelled. They wonder why I keep saying no. That's one of the big reasons. Oh sure. That's fine for a costume party but on a daily basis? I block such women from entering my life.

 Also, don't smoke. Anything. Holding a cig or joint turns fingers yellow and putrid over time. That won't do you any favours.

 I also love narrowed eyes. The kind that aren't wide open all the time. It draws my interest just to perceive an indication of iris colour. Wide eyes are silly to me. Anime characters have always seemed complete idiots.

 I don't mean I like only oriental women but it's cool if they are. If any woman just avoids using false lashes and/or mascara, the big ten turn-off will for sure be averted.

 I cannot be the only guy who loves narrow eyes. If you do as well my bros, please speak up in the comments. It's about time we started speaking up about what we really like without being drowned out by the marketing campaigns and the easily influenced voices that fall hook, line and sinker for them. Now we finally have a place to say what we really feel without fearing rejection from our [ready to swallow anything]peers. That place is this journal page on

 I also like to see the veins in women's eyelids when they close their eyes. It is unfathomably sexy to see that. Any eye-shadow runs interference with that. It's a ghastly thing to be avoided. What really gets me running away is the alternative colours of eye-shadow that aren't black. If I saw blackened eyes, I'd walk away. Other colours, I'd run as fast as I can, you can't catch me, I'm the ginger--

If I was obliged to be there, I'd be able to look a black-shadowed set of eyes in the face.... with a grimace on mine. Any other colour, I couldn't look it's so horrible.

One thing I do not like at all, is when female faces are all the way covered with make-up. Not thickly necessarily - that would be even worse. I really like to see skin. Facial skin is sweet and precious. I don't get to see enough of it. Most glamour shots are a complete snore. Why are they hiding the good stuff? The nude photos on DA can only feel good for so long. Facial nudity is the final frontier.

 Moreover on skin, pure [not inked] skin on an entire body is a rare and beautiful thing these days. I know some easily influenced women get at least one of them due to pervasive marketing in any visual pop culture medium they follow and also traditional peer pressure. It's so prevalent that the current day view is that tattoos are a rite of passage, especially for women. They get a tat so they can "grow up" only to realize 15 years later - when they actually have been grown up a while - that time and introspection is what did it. Not an eclectic blend of misguided experiences.

Women of the world. You'll be an adult before you know it. Don't try to buy a phony express ticket and sacrifice your natural charms in the process.

 Red lipstick has always reminded me of the white witch that first appears in "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis that I read when I was a little boy. That monster woman that has a grown man not even remembering how she petrifies him until he sees her again. Beautiful, yes. Scary as the devil though. When she bites that apple, it stains her lips red. Permanently. Yikes! I think they eventually turn black in later chronicles. Weirder.

 Seeing lips of unnatural shade has always been scary. I think on a very personal level, it can terrify anyone who does not wear lip colour. We'll write it off if we know the person already but think about it ladies. Would you go gaga over a dude that colours his lips all kinds of freakishly unnatural colours? I don't think so but that's really up to you. So why would we go for such a person with coloured lips? Honestly ladies. Does that sound logical that we would like women for lip unnatural colours when you wouldn't like us for that? Would you go lady-gaga if I painted my fake nails bright-red? Blood-red? So many choices for driving you away. Would you 'ooh' and 'aah' if I did and follow me around to get admiring pictures of my hands?

 I also love a strong, willful determination to remain not pierced anywhere on the body. So often we are weak and get pressured into another false rite of passage. Biggest turn-off by far looking at a female face all too commonly these days is a bit of metal in it. Those people got that way by being weak. Weak is not attractive. Strong is attractive. Weak would only attract a predator. You don't want that kind of guy taking over your life.

 I wouldn't drag this journal on so long but I feel that we men do not have a voice in telling the women in our lives that they are beautiful just the way they are. I know this to be self-evident. I see much beauty that the glamour magazines tell us is ugly. I see it every day of my life and I am sick of it. We do not have say. We don't get a say. We don't get to be listened to when we say women are very beautiful because of these things I've talked about. 

 That changes now! Compliment a woman today with no expectation placed on her to reciprocate anything. Not even a bat of an eye. Be nice. Be polite. Treat a woman how you would want to be treated by a fellow man. Respect her. Demand nothing. Lose the aggression you may or may not currently be motivated by. Be at peace. Women do not exist for our benefit. We exist to celebrate their lives and triumphs. Women give our lives meaning.

 I would like to follow up this entry with a Part II. Something about personality traits that are the most charming. Perhaps voice tones that intrigue. Facial expressions that draw interest. Narrowed eyes are big for me but things a woman can do with her expression that light us right up; there are a lot of those. I'll have good look at those and think about what kind of things have drawn my eye.

One more thing. There is one big thing that would make ladies much more attractive in their "personals" profile. Smile in the picture you submit. Simple right? Apparently not. The vast majority of women fail at this. They make angry, don't mess with me faces [believe me, we won't] or kiss faces to pull their face out of balance and make their image more androgynous. Not being a clear female is not good thing when you want to meet a nice straight man. No kisses. No grumpy. Smile. Show us you can be a happy person. Some people lack that ability. Their loss does not have to be yours.


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